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do your appliances really need those features?

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do your appliances really need those features?

Eating Well! 3 Restaurant Appliances To Invest In For Healthier Cooking

by Emilius Das

Recent studies display concerning findings: 52% of Americans thought that doing their taxes was easier than figuring how to eat healthy. It's no surprise that Americans have poor eating habits, as obesity is on the rise. Health-conscious restaurants are attracting more and more patrons who do not want to compromise on quality and flavor while still eating healthy. Surprisingly, the type of restaurant appliances you purchase can influence how healthy the dishes on your menu may be. If you're interested in partaking in the movement to provide healthier alternatives, buying these 3 restaurant appliances will give you the tools you need.

Cook with Less Oil Using Air Fryers

The average American consumes 20 pounds more fat now per year than in 1970 according to a 2013 dietary report card published from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Not all of that fat is from meat. In fact, a lot of it comes from the oil we use to cook. Replace the fryers in the restaurant kitchen with air fryers, which use hot air to cook food instead of hot oil.

Air fryers are relatively easy to use, and commercial models are able to handle large loads of food at a time. You'll get the same results as frying in terms of being able to preserve the texture and flavor of the dish. In addition, you'll be able to reduce up to 80% of the fat content of your dishes when using a commercial air fryer instead of a conventional frying machine.

Retain Nutrients with a Steamer

Boiling vegetables and other ingredients in hot water will strip vital nutrients away. In particular, essential vitamins like vitamin B and C will dissolve in the boiling water, and the longer that the vegetables sit in the boiling water, then the more nutrients are stripped away. On top of stripping away much-needed nutrients, cooking ingredients in boiling water can also negatively impact the texture and the flavor of the ingredients.

If you want to retain and preserve the nutrients that are found in these ingredients, invest in a commercial food steamer. A commercial food steamer does not require the use of fats, like oils or butter, during the cooking process and will help preserve many essential nutrients and vitamins that are needed by the body. When cooking vegetables and other ingredients with a commercial food steamer, the ingredients do not come in contact with the cooking water.

Stew Dishes in a Slow Cooker Rather than on the Stove

A good stew or soup can really make a difference on your menu. Instead of cooking these dishes on the stove, use a slow cooker, as it is a healthier alternative. When cooking with commercial slow cookers, you'll be able to use a significantly less amount of oil and butter, as the foods will cook in their own juices. As the dishes are cooked at very low temperatures, most of the nutrients and essential vitamins in the ingredients will also be preserved.

In addition, using a slow cooker will help free up the stove for other dishes that need to be cooked quickly. Dishes being cooked in slow cookers require very little attention, as there is a less of a chance that the food being cooked will burn. Because of this reason, having this appliance around can boost the overall productivity of your kitchen significantly.  


The type of restaurant appliances that you invest in can heavily influence the amount of calories and fats that are present in the dishes you serve at your restaurant. The restaurant appliances mentioned above can help steer your restaurant in a more health-conscious direction.