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do your appliances really need those features?

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do your appliances really need those features?

3 Ways To Use Less Energy In The Kitchen

by Emilius Das

Because it's central to a lot of your home's daily activity and full of energy-using appliances, your kitchen tends to be a lot less green and energy-efficient than other areas of your home. If you would like to be more eco-friendly and cut back on your energy bills, however, there are specific things you can do to use less energy in the kitchen. Here are three ideas for reducing your kitchen-related energy usage:

Upgrade Your Old Appliance Light Bulbs

Instead of replacing old light bulbs in your refrigerator, oven, and other kitchen appliances with standard light bulbs, consider upgrading to LED appliance light bulbs. LED light bulbs last much longer than other types of light bulbs while using significantly less energy, so even though they cost more up front, they save you serious money in the long run. LED light bulbs also give off less heat, making them a more practical and effective option in kitchen appliances, such as your refrigerator. You can find LED appliance light bulbs for sale at most hardware and home improvement stores.

While you're at it, go ahead and swap out your overhead kitchen light bulbs for LED lights to truly maximize your energy savings.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

The next time you need to replace a kitchen appliance, opt for an energy-efficient appliance. This will make a serious difference in your utility bills and your overall energy consumption levels. Buying kitchen appliances that are Energy Star certified is a reliable way to ensure your new appliances are truly eco-friendly. In some cases, buying Energy Star certified kitchen appliances will even entitle you to a tax incentive to help offset the cost. This is a way for the government to encourage families to make more earth-friendly choices.

Run Your Dishwasher On Full

One very simple way to use less energy in the kitchen (and streamline your chores in the process) is to hold off on running your dishwasher until it is actually full. Your dishwasher uses the same amount of energy and water whether it's full or not, so it ends up being pretty wasteful to run it twice while half-full instead of running it once. Turning off your "heat dry" setting to allow your dishes to air dry is an additional way to save energy, especially if you aren't planning to immediately empty the dishwasher anyway.

By taking proactive steps to use less energy in your kitchen, you will reduce your family's carbon footprint and lower your monthly energy bills at the same time.