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do your appliances really need those features?

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do your appliances really need those features?

4 Tips For Cleaning Your Stove

by Emilius Das

Your stove is one of the most heavily used appliance in your home. It is also the one appliance that you want to make sure is really clean, as you cook and prepare food with your stove. When cleaning your stove, you want to make sure that you clean all parts and components of the stove.

#1 Control Panel

First, you are going to want to start with the control panel. For the control panel, you don't want to use anything too harsh to clean it with. You don't want to wear down the decals on the control panel.

A little soap, water, and a nice rag are all you need to clean the control panel. If the nobs on your stove come off, pull them off and soak them in some warm water to get them clean. Wipe behind the knobs as well.

#2 Outside of the Door

Second, use a sponge to clean the handle to your stove as well as the front panel and window. If anything has dripped onto the outer window, you may need to use a degreaser to get it off. Over time, spills can harden on the window, requiring a little more elbow grease to clean the window off.

#3 Oven Interior

Third, you are going to want to clean the interior of the oven. Only clean the inside of the oven when it is cool inside.

Start by cleaning the racks. To clean the racks, you are going to want to pull them out of the oven. Then, fill your sink up with hot water and soak the racks in the water. Then, scrub the racks down with a regular kitchen sponge. Rinse them off and allow them to dry.

Then, take out the broiler pan. To clean the broiler pan, you will want to soak it in warm water and then scrub it. Always use a non-abrasive cleaner.

After that, you are going to want to wipe down the bottom of the stove with a warm wash cloth. This will be easier to do if you clean the bottom of your oven whenever anything gets on the bottom of your stove.

#4 Stove Top

Finally, you need to clean the stove top. If you have solid burner elements, you can use a solid surface cleaner to clean the heating elements. Take them off and clean them.

To deal with build-up grim on your stove top, simple baking soda and water make a nice little paste that you can use to clean your stove top. Apply the cleaning solution to the top of your stove and allow it to sit for a little bit, then scrub it with a non-abrasive cleaner before wiping away the cleaner. Use a little water to rinse away any remaining soap. For more information, contact a local expert in appliance repair.