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do your appliances really need those features?

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do your appliances really need those features?

Signs You May Need to Fix Your Supermarket Refrigeration Case

by Emilius Das

If you run a supermarket, there's a good chance your business relies on at least one refrigeration case. You'll want to keep it running in top condition for a variety of health and efficiency reasons.

How do you know when it's time to fix it, though? Here are four signs you may need to buy supermarket refrigeration case parts and do some repairs.


When a refrigeration case is operating properly, it should provide a humidity-controlled environment. If you see condensation or frost collecting anywhere unusual in the case, especially away from cold products, it might be a sign of a leak. Condensation can collect in all kinds of odd spots, but issues with seals typically show up around the doors or other access points.

Usually, you can replace the seals for the case and solve the problem. However, there may also be issues with compression or condensing systems.


There may be some warmth around the motor. However, you should not detect warmth anywhere that you'd store food. Ideally, your case will have a thermometer and a warning system to inform you when there's a risk of spoilage. The alarm should sound before things reach a critical point. You may also find that you're restocking food in a case more often than you'd expect because it warms up or goes bad.

Increased Energy Bills

Sometimes a refrigeration case can compensate for the problems it has. This doesn't necessarily mean you can ignore the problem, though. For example, the motor may run harder and longer to produce more cold air when the seals are cracked. Yes, this will keep the case cool, but it's also going to strain the motor and consume more electricity.

Monitor your utility bills. While you might see a predictable spike during a very warm stretch in the summer, you shouldn't see an increase in year-over-year energy consumption for long stretches. Compare your bills to previous years, focusing on the power consumption rate rather than the cost. This may be an early warning sign that something is up with the case.

Repeated Component Failures

It's you seem to have to buy supermarket refrigeration case parts frequently, it could be a sign of another problem. For example, seals might not last long because other components, such as the hinges, are too tight. Or you might have to replace the plug cord because there's a bigger electrical issue damaging it.

Modern systems are often very failure-tolerant. While this can keep a system running, the downside is that it could produce a catastrophic failure at a later time.